History of the Arizona Diamondbacks 

AZ Diamondbacks Betting

The Arizona Diamondbacks play in Phoenix, Arizona, inside Chase Field. Betting on the Diamondbacks has become increasingly popular since the state legalized sports betting in 2022. The Diamondbacks have been calling Chase Field home since 1998; however, from 1995 to 2005, the venue was known as Bank One Ballpark (aka “the BOB”). 

The Diamondbacks were established in 1998 and started playing in the National League West immediately upon entering Major League Baseball. 

Phoenix was awarded an expansion franchise in 1995 to begin playing in 1998 when the Diamondbacks took the field for the first time. The city had to pay the MLB $130 million, to join the league.

The Diamondbacks have garnered a decent amount of success in their franchise history. The team won their first National League West title in 1999. Since this season, the Diamondbacks have been the kings of the west on four other occasions. 

The Diamondbacks’ best season even came in 2001. Arizona won the National League West, the National League and the World Series. It was one of the most iconic teams of the 2000’s, as it featured future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson, former Red Sox great Curt Schilling and Luis Gonzalez, who was responsible for the game-winning hit in the bottom of the 9th against Hall of Fame closer Mariano Rivera.

The owner of the team is Ken Kendrick. Kendrick was initially a partial owner of the franchise before taking over entirely in 2004. The President of Baseball Operations and General Manager is Mike Hazen. He has been with the team since 2017. 

Torey Lovullo manages the Diamondbacks. He has been leading the squad since 2017. Arizona’s all-time record has hovered near the .500 mark as they have usually had average teams most years.

2021 Overlook

The Arizona Diamondbacks will begin their 24th season in franchise history on Opening Day in 2021. The Diamondbacks play in the National League West, so their primary opponents are the Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres, and the San Francisco Giants.

The Diamondbacks will play 19 games against each of their divisional opponents. Unfortunately for the Diamondbacks, the National League West is one of the best divisions in baseball.

The Dodgers and Padres are the top two picks to win the entire National League. The Giants also have a lot of talent, so they cannot be forgotten. The Diamondbacks are picked to finish in third in the National League West ahead of the Giants and the Rockies. 

The Diamondbacks had a tough time in 2020. This was because their lineup could rarely hit the baseball, and their pitchers were terrible throughout the year. Madison Bumgarner was supposed to be the team’s reliable wing, and he went 1-4 with a 6.48 ERA.

The Diamondbacks will win games this year if their rotation comes together. The veterans on the staff and the young arms will need to mesh. Madison Bumgarner, the four-time All-Star, plays a significant role in creating this cohesion.  

In addition to pitching, the Diamondbacks’ offense needs to come alive. The collective 2020 batting average was .241. 

Betting Forecast of the Diamondbacks 

The Arizona Diamondbacks were projected to finish second in last season’s 60-game stint, but this did not happen. The Diamondbacks finished in last place in the NL West, 18 games out of first place.

The Diamondbacks removed $25 million from their payroll after this terrible season. When a team finishes in last place and then removes $25 million from its payroll, it often means the rebuilding process is in full effect.

Arizona has less than a 1% chance to win the World Series, according to multiple sportsbooks. They are +10000, meaning that a $100 bet would yield $10,000. I do not recommend making this bet because you are just giving money to the house. 

Two teams in baseball have a worse chance of winning the World Series, according to Vegas. The Diamondbacks over/under total has been set at 75.5.

If a team wins 76 games, their winning percentage is .469. This year’s squad should perform better throughout 162 games. The Padres and Dodgers will beat the Diamondbacks in most of the games played between the teams, but Arizona could pick up a lot of victories against the Giants and Rockies.

The Diamondbacks cannot be worse than they were last year. The young players will carry this team to 80 victories. Do not bet any other future for the Diamondbacks except their total wins. 

Star Players on the Diamondbacks 

Ketel Marte will lead off for the Diamondbacks in 2021. Marte is a stud, and he was one of the bright spots of the team last season. In 2020, Marte batted .287/323/.409 with 14 doubles. Marte should hit 25 home runs this year.

He is a complete player in the field and at the plate. His best season came in 2019 when he finished fourth in the AL MVP race after averaging .329 at the plate with 32 bombs.  

The other reliable bat in the Diamondbacks lineup, Christian Walker, should spend 2021 in the cleanup spot. Walker was also solid in 2020, slashing .271/.333/.459. Walker hit seven home runs last season and 29 in 2019. 

Marte and Walker will carry the load as the team’s central offensive veterans. The best pitcher on the staff is Madison Bumgarner. Bumgarner’s success is critical for the Diamondbacks’ competitiveness in the National League West. 

Bumgarner’s wins above replacement in 2020 were -0.3. He brought nothing to the table last season. However, he is a four-time All-Star, a three-time World Series champion, and a World Series MVP.

Bumgarner’s All-Star days are behind him, but he has to become a reputable starter once again in his career. In 2019, he threw 207.2 innings. Bumgarner has been in the league for 12 years, but he is only starting his age 31 season. He still has gas in the tank. 

FAQ Betting on the Diamondbacks 

What division do the Diamondbacks play in?

The Diamondbacks play in the National League West Division of the MLB. 

What was the Diamondbacks record in 2020?

The Diamondbacks finished with a 25-35 record and finished in 5th place in the National League West. 

What are the Diamondbacks’ chances to win the 2021 World Series?

Arizona has less than a one percent chance to win the 2021 World Series. A $100 bet on them at +10000 would yield a $10,000 payout.

What is Arizona’s projected divisional finish?

The Diamondbacks are projected to finish in third place in the National League West. The NL West is a solid division because of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. The Dodgers and Padres are the two favorites to win the National League. The Dodgers are the defending World Series champions. 

Who are the best hitters on Arizona’s 2021 roster?

The best offensive weapons for Arizona this season are Ketel Marte and Christian Walker. Marte is the better player of the two, but they will provide the majority of the team’s offensive production. 

Who is the best pitcher for Arizona in 2021?

The best pitcher on the Diamondbacks roster is Madison Bumgarner. Bumgarner is looking to bounce back from a down year in 2020. Bumgarner is only 31 years old, and he is a four-time All-Star and a World Series MVP.