College Basketball Betting in Arizona

College basketball is very popular in Arizona. People in the state tend to watch two schools more than any other programs. These two colleges are the University of Arizona and Arizona State University. 

The men’s and women’s basketball teams have been successful for both schools. As of late, the Arizona women’s hoops team has been the most dominant. The Wildcats lost in the 2021 NCAA Championship Game to the Stanford Cardinal.

The Arizona men’s basketball team won the National Championship in 1997, and they lost in the final in 2001. They have appeared in four Final Fours since 1988. The Wildcats have garnered much more success than Arizona State, who has never surpassed the Elite Eight. 

The Sun Devils women’s team has also never made it past the Elite Eight round. However, the state of Arizona has collected a multitude of college basketball accolades between these four programs. 

College Basketball Season Structure

You have many betting opportunities for college basketball because of the extensive season structure. There are over 5,800 games in a regular college basketball season at the Division I level.

A team will usually play 30 to 32 games in the regular season. They will then compete in conference championship play. There are multiple conferences where the champions receive automatic bids to the NCAA Tournament.

After the champions punch their tournament ticket, the NCAA Selection Show occurs. The Selection Show is when the tournament committee sets the field for March Madness. Sixty-eight teams make the NCAA Tournament, and there are seven rounds. The bracket is split into four regions of 16 teams.

A total of 67 games are played during the NCAA Tournament, starting with the First Four round. There are four games in this slate, and that takes the field down to 64 teams. 

The NCAA Tournament is played over three weekends. The First and Second Rounds are paired together. The winners in this round advance to the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight. After the Elite Eight, the Final Four is set, and these squads compete to decide the National Champion.  

The National Champions every year are usually from the largest conferences in the NCAA. However, there is typically a Cinderella team, where an underdog makes a deep run. This is one reason why the NCAA Tournament is nicknamed March Madness. 

Where to Bet College Basketball in Arizona

Arizona sports betting has not launched, but it was legalized. The state’s goal is to launch sports betting by the fall of 2021. Mobile and retail betting will be live in the state by basketball season. 

The top betting providers in the United States are expected to launch in AZ. It has already been confirmed that FanDuel and DraftKings will operate in the state. 

The retail sportsbooks will be located at tribal casinos and professional sports venues. 

Types of College Basketball Bets in Arizona

There will be an array of bets for college basketball that will be available in Arizona when sports betting is legalized. Here are some of the bets that will be used by sportsbooks operating in AZ.

Moneyline – The moneyline is choosing a team to win a game in a head-to-head matchup. The only thing that matters at the end of a game with a moneyline bet is the team you chose won. With the ML, positive odds indicate an underdog, and negative odds show that a team is favored to win.  

Arizona is -110, and Arizona State is +110 on the ML. This would mean that Arizona is favored, and AZ State is the underdog. 

Point Spread – The point spread gives bettors the ability to wager underdogs to be within a certain number of points. You can also bet favorites to win by the spread with this wager type. Here is an example of a point spread wager. 

The Sun Devils are -6.5 over the Wildcats, meaning that Arizona is +6.5. If you bet AZ State, they must win by seven points. If you take the Wildcats, they must win or be within six points.

Over/Under – The over/under lets you bet on the total number of points that are scored in a game. A sportsbook will set a number for this wager type, and you have to bet if the cumulative points will be over or under this total. 

Prop Bets – Prop bets are heavily based on player and team statistics. These wagers are fun to place, but they can be tough to win. If you bet Arizona’s point guard to make over-or-under 4.5 three-point shots, you would be placing a prop. 

Prop bets are less prevalent in college sports because states usually have laws to limit this wager type for amateur athletics. Although, this is heavily based on state regulations.

Future Bets – Future bets are popular for the offseason. This is when you place a college basketball bet that is taking place in the future. If you wager Arizona to win the National Championship before the season starts, you are locking in a future bet. 

Parlay Bets – Parlay bets are when you combine a group of wagers to lower your chances of winning. These bets are very risky, but you will win more money if all the legs of your parlay are successful. You do not need to just place parlay bets for college basketball. 

Live Betting on College Basketball in Arizona

College basketball live betting is critical for successful wagering. Live betting allows you to watch a game unfold before placing a wager. There are many momentum swings in college basketball, and live betting helps you take advantage of these ebbs and flows. 

Arizona could be known for coming back in the second half. Sportsbooks do not consider this, so you could bet the Wildcats down ten points with fantastic odds. If the Wildcats come back, you would win a significant amount of money by live betting.

Odds are constantly changing with live bets, so it will be very beneficial if you wager at the correct time. Do not place a live bet without watching the game. This will cost you financially because it will cause you to lose more than you win. 

Tips for College Basketball Betting in Arizona

College basketball is massive. There are 350 D1 basketball colleges in 32 conferences. It’s impossible to follow all of these teams religiously. To be a great college basketball bettor, you should focus on a cohort of teams to wager.

Knowledge is power for college basketball betting. You will have a higher success rate if you know about the teams that you are wagering. 

I would recommend focusing on a few conferences so you can focus on the tiny details about a college basketball team. The majority of games in a season for a Division I basketball program are played against conference opponents. Therefore, you will always have plenty of games to wager by focusing on a few conferences. 

The best wager type for college basketball is the point spread. College basketball matchups can be very lopsided, so the point spread will help you win with underdogs. 

Things to Avoid Betting College Basketball in Arizona 

You should never place a bet without doing pregame statistical research. If you do not understand what is happening before the game, do not place a blind bet. This is a quick way to lose a lot of money on college basketball.

With live betting, you should not wager a game that you are not watching. This is another quick way to give money to a sportsbook. My final thing to avoid for college basketball betting applies to the NCAA Tournament.

The NCAA Tournament is the most wagered sporting event in the United States. Many people take the bracket and wager every game, but there are better strategical approaches if you are serious about winning. 

You should heavily bet a few games with multiple wagers and live bet most contests in the tournament. Making a moneyline bet for every NCAA Tournament game is not a great strategy. 

There is rarely a perfect NCAA bracket, which shows how hard it is to win moneyline wagers. 

FAQ About College Basketball Betting in Arizona

Is college basketball betting legal in Arizona?

College basketball betting is legal in Arizona.

Will college basketball betting be popular in Arizona when it launches?

Yes, Arizona has multiple Division I basketball schools, including the University of Arizona and Arizona State University. Arizona’s men’s and women’s basketball teams have been superior to AZ State since the inception of the programs.

Will I be able to bet on Arizona amateur teams when college basketball betting is legalized?

There is a chance that you will be unable to wager in-state college basketball programs. This is dependent on the state legislature’s rules.