Intro to NHL in Arizona

The National Hockey League is one of the four major sports leagues in the United States. Many people all over the nation enjoy ice hockey, but it’s surprisingly popular in Arizona. Arizona has one professional franchise that plays in the state.

The Arizona Coyotes have been playing in Phoenix since 1996. The team’s home ice is inside the Gila River Arena, and they compete in the West Division of the NHL. 

The Coyotes have not garnered a lot of success in franchise history. The team has only won a single division championship in 2011-12. Arizona is owned by Alex Meruelo and Andrew Barroway and coached by Rick Tocchet.

People in the state want to see the Coyotes win more than they have in the past. Despite this, this success has not wavered for the Arizona Coyotes. 

NHL Season Structure 

The NHL season structure was altered in 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this will not be the case in 2022 as this is only a one-year alteration. There are 31 teams in the NHL, with 24 playing in the United States and another seven competing in Canada.

This is the most international league of the four major ones in America. Each team plays 82 games every season with some preseason contests. The official slate starts at the beginning of October and concludes in early April.

When the regular season ends, the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin with 16 teams making the postseason. There are four divisions in the NHL, which are as follows.

1.     Atlantic Division

2.     Metropolitan Division

3.     Central Division

4.     Pacific Division

The top three teams in each division gain entry to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. There are also four teams that make the playoffs with Wild Card births. There are four rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs that are all seven games in length. 

The season concludes with the Stanley Cup Finals, which is a seven-game series played in a 2-2-1-1-1 format. 

Where to Bet NHL in Arizona 

Sports betting is legal in Arizona. The state legislature legalized sports betting in the spring of 2021 and it will launch in the fall. You will be able to wager the NHL at the professional sports venues and tribal casinos in the state.

Both of these categories were given the right to open retail sportsbooks. Additionally, mobile sports wagering will go live in AZ in the fall. There will be up to 20 mobile betting providers, with companies like DraftKings and FanDuel already gaining licensure. 

Types of NHL Bets in Arizona

The NHL has some unique betting markets that are fun to wager. To be a great hockey bettor, you should use various bets to profit from the sport. Here are some of the bets that you will be able to place for NHL contests.

Moneyline – The moneyline is the most straightforward bet for all sports. This bet is when you wager one team to win the game. This bet has tremendous value for the NHL because all teams can win on any given day. If you chose the Arizona Coyotes to beat the Los Angeles Kings, you would be placing a moneyline bet.

When betting the moneyline, a team with positive odds is considered underdogs. A squad with negative odds is a favorite for the game. Usually, the home team will be favored for NHL games on sportsbooks. 

Puck Line – The puck line is the NHL equivalent to the point spread that is used in sports like football and basketball. The favorite in the game will be listed at -1.5 on the puck line, and the underdog will have a +1.5 line.

If you take the favorite, the team must win by two goals. If you choose the underdog, they must lose by one goal or win the game. The puck line is a fun wager because the line is always the same. This helps you place a bet driven by numbers and past performances. 

Totals (Over/Under) – The primary total bet in a hockey game is the cumulative over/under. The over/under is when you bet over or under a specific number. Here is an example. A sportsbook sets that total at 5.5 goals for the Coyotes vs. Kings game.  

If you bet the under, the teams cannot combine for more than five goals. If you wager the over, the Kings and Coyotes must score at least six goals. 

Prop Bets – Prop bets usually deal with individual and team statistics for a contest. For this reason, they are much tougher to win because one aspect of the game must come to fruition. A prop bet would be, “Will the Coyotes over or under 21.5 shots on goal?”

Future Bets – Future bets can generate some great payouts because of the time that these wagers encompass. A future bet would be choosing the Stanley Cup winner in the preseason or picking the NHL MVP months in advance. 

Parlay Bets – Parlay bets are when you combine a group of single bets to lower your winning chances. These high-risk bets create more immense rewards so they can create some hefty payouts. 

Live Betting on NHL in Arizona 

NHL live betting is a way to add excitement to one of the fastest sports in the world. Live betting is when you place an in-game bet. Odds are constantly changing with live betting, so you have to be strategic.

If you place a bet at the wrong time, it can cost you money when live betting. For NHL live betting, odds change with every possession of the puck. One goal can massively change the odds on a sportsbook.

The best part about live betting is that it allows you to view a game’s flow before risking money on the outcome. A favorite may have an off night, and live betting helps you react to this fact and bet accordingly.  

The main tip for live betting is to watch the game you are looking to wager. This is the case for all sports, but it’s critical for hockey because of the sport’s fast-paced nature. 

Tips for Betting NHL in Arizona

To be a great NHL bettor, you must always research before placing bets. If you study before placing a bet, it will pay off. Analytics are becoming a significant part of all sports, but this is especially true in hockey.

You can compare statistics for specific lines and predict how teams will square up against each other. Sportsbooks do not focus on NHL wagers as they do for more popular sports like the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

The NHL is the least popular of the four major sports leagues in the United States. This can play to your advantage when betting the sport. You can often find great odds, which are available on sportsbooks for hockey because they frequently slip past the attention of bookmakers.

If you are not line shopping, you are missing the opportunity to take advantage of these lines. Always line shop and research before placing bets. If you do these two things, you will see it pay off through substantial winnings. 

Things to Avoid Betting NHL in Arizona 

Every bettor is going to go on losing streaks when wagering sports. This is the case for handicappers and casual bettors. Do not try to chase your losses if you are losing on the NHL.

You should pick a few games per day to wager and set a specific amount of money you are willing to lose. If you win, pocket this money and keep it for another day. Once you lose the money, you should stop betting.

This is easier said than done, but you must implement it from the beginning of your NHL wagering. Another thing to avoid with NHL betting is wagering home underdogs consistently.

If a team is listed as a home underdog, you should be very cautious. It’s sporadic to see a home underdog in the NHL. If a sportsbook does this, there is usually a widely known issue with the team.

If you see a home underdog that you would like to bet, make sure you check the news and injury report surrounding the team. It’s likely that you will find a significant issue has occurred with the squad. 

Lastly, never place bets off feel. When you wager on an NHL sportsbook, make sure that you have placed a statistically driven bet. Your gut feeling is going to lose more times than not.

FAQ About NHL Betting in Arizona 

Is NHL betting legal in Arizona?

Yes, NHL betting is legal in Arizona. 

Will there be mobile sports betting in Arizona?

When sports betting goes live, mobile betting will play a significant role in the market. There will be up to 20 sports betting providers in Arizona. 

Is the NHL popular in Arizona?

Yes, the NHL is popular in the state because of Arizona’s lone NHL franchise. The Arizona Coyotes compete in the West Division of the NHL.

Have the Coyotes ever won a Stanley Cup?

No, the Coyotes have never won a Stanley Cup, but they are still heavily supported in the state.