Fubo Sportsbook Launching in Arizona


Arizona is turning into one of the strongest sports betting markets amongst states that recently launched. People in Arizona were hungry for sports betting, and it has shown with the number of sportsbooks attempting to go live in the state.

fuboTV has been one of the best sports streaming services in the United States since it went live. Many companies are trying to get involved in sports betting, and fuboTV is seizing its opportunity. Fubo Sportsbook, part of fuboTV’s plan to integrate sports betting into its streaming app, is preparing to launch in Arizona.

With the Fubo Sportsbook launch in Arizona, it’s now live in two states in the American sports betting market.

Fubo Sportsbook Moves into Arizona

fuboTV announced its sportsbook has launched in Arizona. Fubo Sportsbook can be used as a solo betting platform, and it can also be integrated into the streaming service. fuboTV has a leg up on the competition through its streaming platform because people can watch games live and bet through one app.

Live betting is becoming one of the most popular betting features in the legal market. fuboTV and Fubo Sportsbook’s integration will draw people to the streaming service for live betting. fuboTV has a hefty cost, so the sportsbook will also be used to sell subscriptions.

This is a winning strategy for the company. The Arizona launch was sponsored by the Ak-Chin Indian Community, marking the second state where the betting platform is live. The first was Iowa, and Fubo Sportsbook launched last month.

The company aims to turn passive sports viewers into active participants through the integration method. The split-screen approach delivers a betting experience like no other with real-time odds changes and betting statistics to help viewers make an educated wager.

Excitement for the Launch

Fubo Sportsbook has a feature called Watching Now, which suggests relevant bets based on the sports that are on the screen. As viewers change the channel, the bet suggestions will also change. This will help new sports bettors get accustomed to betting.

Fubo Gaming has also stated that programmers will continue enhancing the integrative technology to improve the sports betting experience. The future goals are also to make the sports betting experience personalized depending on frequently watched sports.

Scott Butera, president, Fubo Gaming, spoke following the launch.

He said, “We are honored to partner with our first Native American tribe, the Ak-Chin Indian Community, to launch our market-defining sportsbook within the great state of Arizona. In less than a year of establishing Fubo Gaming, we brought our sports betting platform to passionate sports communities across two states and look forward to continuing introducing our unique product to many more consumers.”

David Gandler, co-founder and CEO, fuboTV, was also ecstatic about the launch and wagering integration.

He said, “Fubo Sportsbook is a major pillar of fuboTV’s mission to integrate interactivity into our live TV streaming platform and define a new category of interactive sports and entertainment television. I’m very proud of how quickly the Fubo Gaming team has brought Fubo Sportsbook to market: from our announcement to expand into online sports wagering to the launch of Fubo Sportsbook in Arizona, our second state, all in the same year.”

Fubo Gaming received the regulatory approvals earlier in the year to go live in Arizona. The sportsbook was not ready to launch when AZ opened sports betting to the public. Yet, the book is expected to quickly gain steam in the state thanks to the integrative betting and viewing technology.

The next states where Fubo Sportsbook is set to go live include Pennsylvania, Indiana, and New Jersey.  

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