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Casino Del Sol Launches New NFL Cross Game Matchup


A new sports betting option is now available at Casino Del Sol. The Tucson, Arizona casino earned approval by the state Division of Gaming to launch NFL Cross Game Matchup. The casino is the only one in the state and across the US to offer this bet type. It was created by the Director of the Sportsbook John Collins and allows players to place a weekly wager on any team playing that week against another NFL team, whether they play each other or not.

NFL Cross Game Matchup

Sports bettors are always looking for an interesting wager to place and NFL Cross Game Matchup fits the bill. Collins created this new option to give visitors of the Casino Del Sol something unique to enjoy. Instead of having around a dozen NFL games to bet on each week, the new wager provides more than 450 games to select from.

The final score within the primary game will work to determine the bet winner in the NFL Cross Game Matchup. It’s a unique concept that the casino expects will be highly sought after by sports fans visiting the property.

Collins stated that he felt this new concept would be popular since players enjoy prop bets. Collins pointed out that analytical bettors will look at probabilities for each event while fantasy football bettors would use skill to try and handicap a cross-game matchup.

The NFL Cross Game Matchup was tested within the trading team and proved to be a cool new option that bettors will take to. The option began on September 8 and players can use the 15 self-service sports betting kiosks of the property to set a wager. The casino sportsbook also includes live ticket writer counters.

Will the New Bet Catch On?

Now we will wait and see if this new betting format will catch on. It certainly offers more options for bettors when it comes to weekly NFL games. No longer do players have to wager on the games of the week but can mix and match opponents.

We expect that players who frequent the Casino Del Sol will appreciate this new betting option, but will it bring new players into the venue? That remains to be seen. The casino may see increased traffic over the next few weeks as sports fans give the new betting option a try.

Once monthly revenue reports are out, we will have a better idea as to how the betting option is helping the industry. However, Arizona officials are not quick on providing monthly reports so it will be several months before we can see the September and October numbers.

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